Experienced Professionals.

Our extensive experience, cutting-edge technologies, and the latest design methods enable us to bring brands to market and digital to screen in weeks, instead of months.

We’re a husband and wife team that pride ourselves on rebranding the bland and simplifying the complex.


Colouring in

Once described as an unmanned fire hose because of his design ideas, Kris merges strategy with creativity to develop innovative solutions that solve the right problem. Since he recently qualified as a hypnotherapist, he knows the importance of building empathy and rapport with clients and understanding their behaviour. Our previous client wanted to bottle him, we just hope they meant for mass production.



We like to call Orla the Creative Accountant, but that term seems to be frowned upon in her financial circles. When she is not counting beans she enjoys participating in impromptu comedy nights, who says accountants are boring!!! As a qualified Management Accountant, Orla understands the importance of financial health, cash flow and can advise on financial modelling and forecasting for small businesses.

We’ve helped 150+ companies go from bland to brand

In the last 25+ years, we have worked with multinational brands around the globe, but our passion lies with small business owners, marketing managers, and founders of funded start-ups to tell their unique stories with clarity and enthusiasm.