You’ve probably heard the expression, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

This is even more true when it comes to small business owners and their brand identity design. Your small business brand can help attract new customers but it can also repeal them if you don’t approach your branding strategically. Here are 5 reasons why brand identity design is so important for small business owners – and what you can do to make sure your branding attracts new customers instead of repelling them.

1. Marketing & Sales

Branding design will attract new customers, but it can also turn them away. Using the right colours, fonts and logo elements in the wrong places could set your brand up for failure before you even get started. Investing in a well designed logo, website, signage and other marketing materials can make all the difference. Brands that invest in design are about 50% more profitable than those that don’t. A good rule of thumb when you’re deciding whether or not to invest in design is if people need to know who you are without asking then chances are you should spend some time and money on branding.


2. Brand Awareness & Recognition

With a successful brand identity you can easily raise your brand awareness by making your mark in the world of advertising. Increasing this awareness will increase your likelihood to be recognised and selected, over other brands. This increases the likelihood of profitability because you have an established identity with a target audience who are likely to buy from you over another competitor. With branding for businesses, maintaining a consistent identity pays off big time and is easier than starting from scratch with branding that won’t resonate as well.


3. Reputation Management

Reputation management means that business owners are constantly striving to make their company more visible and well-known. That can be accomplished by coming up with a distinctive logo, website design and business signage. Research has shown that companies who invest in branding (brand development) are about 50% more profitable than those who don’t. By implementing the following three steps into your business process, you can improve your customer experience, effectively manage your online reputation and streamline your brand’s identity


4. Attract New Customers

Brand identity design isn’t something to take lightly. Whether you’re just starting out or re-branding your business, you want to attract new customers and make the right first impression. Our design studio focuses on creating custom logos and websites that represent your business in a creative, memorable way. We create branding packages that align with your personal goals so that every customer feels connected to your brand. As a small business owner, investing in brand identity design pays off. Good branding can help increase profits by 50% and attract more qualified potential customers.


5. Differentiate against Competitors

Branding creates a stronger sense of individuality and will also protect you against competitors. Investing in branding also means that your marketing costs will be lower because customers recognise your company more quickly and identify with it better. Overall, investing in branding early on can save a lot of time and effort later on. It’s important to create an emotional bond with the customer through brand design so that they’ll come back to you and recommend you to their friends!

Are you a small business owner with a lot on your plate? Let us focus on what makes your business stand out.