Freelancers, solopreneurs and entrepreneurs have all one thing in common: they want to get paid for their worth.

And they can only do that if they win clients with the help of their freelance brand identity design. After all, your clients are going to look at your portfolio, they’re going to see your brand identity, and they’re going to hire you or not based on what you show them. But how exactly do you create an effective brand identity for yourself? How can you find a logo that makes you stand out from the crowd?

1. Quality Creates Confidence

The quality of your brand identity speaks volumes about you as an individual and designer. Put in the time, put in the effort, and be present. When someone looks at your work for the first time, what are they looking for? Do you have a modern flair or traditional design? Does your logo say something about who you are and what you’re trying to do? The answer is yes. A strong identity speaks to professionalism and confidence which will lead to more clients—even if you’re a solopreneur on the side hustle trying to make it on their own. It’s easy to find freelance designers but it’s difficult to find great ones. Quality creates confidence and breeds trust—which means greater recognition.


2. Define Yourself Professionally

Brand identity, logo, and messaging can help freelance designers win work, build confidence, and increase their prices. As the quote says above, design has power. The type of work we do, who we are designing for, and the product’s purpose influences our design choices. Designing for entrepreneurs isn’t just about making money; it’s about building relationships with clients. In order to succeed in that arena you have to have a strong brand identity. Your logo is your mark – think of it as the foundation of your brand identity. It should be unique to you or your business in order to give an impression of what it is all about and what you want people to remember. Brand identity design will show clients who they are working with and why they should work with that person specifically.


3. Branding Increases Prices

Many freelancers want to charge a higher price for their work. However, that may not always be possible. One big reason for this is branding. Effective brand identity design can help freelancers feel more confident and win more bids from clients because of the look of their brand. Even if you don’t have any physical branding (ie, business cards, letterhead, etc.), your online presence is still an integral part of your brand and should reflect it accordingly.


4. Built Trust With Clients

Most freelance designers are competing against other freelancers in the same field with minimal differentiation. To win work, build confidence, and increase prices, many designers choose to invest time in their brand identity design. Brand identity design for self-employed freelancers often includes logo, messaging and pricing strategies that are all grounded in a distinctive point of view. By defining your goals as an artist or business owner from the get go—and being willing to invest time into executing those intentions—you will build trust with your clients.


5. Identify Ideal Clients

Branding is one of the first steps when creating any kind of business. It’s not just something that exists on the surface, it’s the visual foundation that everything else will be built on. Branding includes design, which means you’ll need a solid logo and messaging. Brand identity design is crucial for solopreneurs and entrepreneurs who are trying to win work from new clients. They can build confidence and increase their prices through branding projects with plenty of established freelance designers ready to work with them. Branding also covers things like positioning, the story your brand tells about itself, and where you fall in your market. If you’re an entrepreneur looking for help with all of these issues (or if you already have a business that needs branding) then we’re here to help!


6. Selling Yourself Online

When you are your own boss and are running your own business, you often need to sell yourself and your brand in order to win clients or attract potential customers. This can be difficult for many designers when they’re used to selling their designs rather than themselves as creative leaders. What’s important for freelancers is having a strong brand identity design that includes an identifiable logo, consistent messaging and verbal content, high-quality photos, unique value propositions, and more. Doing so helps freelance designers win work, build confidence, and increase their prices by looking the part of an established leader in their field. How do you start building a strong brand identity?

Are you a freelancer, solopreneur or entrepreneur with a lot on your plate? Let us focus on what makes your business stand out.