Destination Golf

Destination Golf is one of the Worlds’ leading golf travel publishing companies, globally recognised, respected, and approved members of the Worlds’ largest golf tourism group IAGTO.

Horrible Brands - Destination Golf Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Web Design & Magazine Design
Project Overview

Client: Destination Golf
Sector: Travel & Tourism
Category: Brand Strategy & Web Design

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The Challenge

We teamed up with Destination Golf to launch a new golf travel magazine. In order to do so, they needed to develop a name, logo, and brand, as well as a web presence, as well as a layout and styling design for their first magazine template. The challenge was to make this new brand authentic and competitive with more established golf travel brands. For over 10 years, we have been working directly with Destination Golf, helping them grow from a small local brand into a global leader.

Horrible Brands - Destination Golf Brand Identity - Magazine Design
The Solution

Following a brand scoping session with the client, we created a logo and a set of accreditations for course rankings. It was necessary for the brand to be flexible and easy to add new locations when needed. The style guide included a colour palette, typography selection and photography treatment. A new social media channel reflecting the brand’s new style and direction was then created and activated.

Horrible Brands - Destination Golf Brand Identity - Logo Design
Horrible Brands - Destination Golf Brand Identity, Asset Design
Horrible Brands - Destination Golf Brand Identity, Asset Design

As soon as the brand style, logo, and strategy were agreed upon, we presented a few layout options. Our goal was to make these easy-to-read and clean for the reader. We chose to use large format images of courses in order to enhance the visual appeal of the magazine. We have published over 50 magazines both in print and digital format and won first place at the prestigious World Golf Awards for the ‘Best Golf Travel Magazine’ category.

Horrible Brands - Destination Golf Brand Identity, Asset Design
The Result

Over the past decade, we have designed and developed four iterations of Keeping the website up-to-date as technology and digital capabilities evolve. It features 38 geo-locations and sub-sites translated into more than 32 languages with the potential to promote location-specific third party advertising in selected countries. Our redesigned site was structured so that the content team only had to update the master site. Original articles/edits are automatically pushed to all subsites and translated into the appropriate languages. In order to achieve this, we developed a bespoke plugin that saves our clients time and money. The website features of Destination Golf have helped it establish itself as the world’s leading golf travel company.

Horrible Brands - Destination Golf Brand Identity - Website Design