Hand Drawn Creative

Established in 2009, Hand Drawn Creative is an illustration and design studio based in Northern Ireland. HDC has created bold colourful, vivid and memorable illustration, graphic design and corporate identities for clients in the UK, USA, Europe and beyond.

Project Overview

Client: HDC
Sector: Art & Design
Category: Web Design

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The Challenge

Facing a digital-first world, Hand Drawn Creative recognised an exciting opportunity to evolve. Although their existing website and marketing strategy were behind the curve, these limitations offered a blank canvas for reinvention. Horrible Brands was energised by the potential of modernising their digital presence without sacrificing the hand-drawn artistry that sets them apart. The challenge wasn’t just about keeping up with the times, but elevating their unique aesthetic to a global platform, while retaining the local charm & intimate community appeal.

The Solution

Understanding the intricacies and value of HDC’s artistic background, Horrible Brands set out with a comprehensive strategy that was as visionary as it was pragmatic. Our blueprint didn’t just throw a coat of digital paint over HDC’s time-honoured craftsmanship; it aimed for a seamless fusion of traditional artistry with modern digital functionalities. HDC overhauled their own brand identity, injecting new life into its logo, colour scheme, and typography, all while preserving that irreplaceable hand-drawn retro charm.

We turned to Webflow as our go-to CMS platform and crafted a responsive website that was more than just eye-candy—it was an interactive digital gallery, equipped with subtle animations that made each visit a tactile experience. To ensure this beautifully crafted site didn’t go unnoticed, we also tailored an SEO and digital marketing strategy, specifically aimed at turning heads and drawing eyes globally. A 360o Video Tour was also added to the new website to showcase Hand Drawn Creative’s boutique studio in a more interactive way.

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The Result

The rebranding initiative received an overwhelmingly positive response, both from HDC and their broader network. With this comprehensive rebrand, Hand Drawn Creative is well-positioned for future growth in the digital-first era, all while staying true to their artistic core.

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