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The Glens of Antrim is steeped in Irish folklore where spirits, myths and legends meet and the distinct Irish Whiskeys produced at the Glens of Antrim Distillery pay tribute to these mystical tales.

Horrible Brands - Lir Whiskey Website Design - Branding
Project Overview

Client: Glens of Antrim
Sector: Food & Drink
Category: Web Design

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The Challenge

In order to expand into the Whiskey export market, Glens of Antrim needed an online presence. Due to the high level of competition in this industry, they needed a digital experience to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Horrible Brands - Lir Whiskey - Food & Drink Website Story-telling
Horrible Brands - Lir Whiskey - Food & Drink Website Story-telling
Horrible Brands - Lir Whiskey - Food & Drink Website Story-telling
The Solution

In order to ensure correct structure and proportion, we presented several rough sketches showing various directions. After shortlisting and developing further, we selected the preferred solution. After approval, we developed brand guidelines, including colour palettes, typefaces, and a logo pack containing multiple formats.

Horrible Brands - Lir Whiskey Website Design - Bottles Asset
Horrible Brands - Lir Whiskey - Brand Timeline Asset Design
Our story began three generations ago when the McKillop family established Glens of Antrim Potatoes. A thriving business that proudly provides potatoes to the plates of families across Ireland to this day.
Seeing an opportunity in the market, the McKillops diversified the potato business to produce two premium ranges of crisps – Glens of Antrim Crisps and Shindigs. Both brands have grown from strength to strength and are distributed through major retailers and hospitality businesses across Ireland.
With an established background in the food and drink sector, Michael, Mary and Charlie McKillop recognised an opportunity to create something exciting in Irish whiskey and engaged with industry experts to bring their vision to life.
They wanted to create blends of Irish whiskey with an exceptional taste profile that would appeal to a wide consumer audience. The McKillops began purchasing quality stocks of whiskey from around Ireland with the ultimate aim of creating their own distillery.
The family combed their native Glens of Antrim to find the perfect location and purchased a one-of-a-kind site located on the world-renowned coastal route to the Giant’s Causeway, which attracts over a million visitors per year.
They then got to work incorporating the business and designing the Glens of Antrim Distillery with renowned architects in the area. The company invested in a bottling line and continued to buy quality Irish Whiskey to create unique and interesting blends.
With the company established, Glens of Antrim Distillery commissioned professional designers to create a brand for their whiskey, unique bottles and bespoke label designs to reflect the ethos of the company and the brand.
The journey continues with the distillery due for completion, and distillation and filling of the first batch of founder’s casks commencing in 2023.
With around 1 million visitors to the North coast and Glens of Antrim, the distillery along with a restaurant, bar and visitors centre will attract a large percentage of these visitors.
Once the distillery build has been complete, this is when we will begin the filling of the founders casks.

The bespoke presentation box was designed and personally tailored for each corporate and individual attendee to safely hold essential documents. We made a quick prototype and sent a video to visualise and help explain the folding process to the printing company in China. The packaging was printed on a high-end 450gsm soft touch board and finished with silver foil.

Horrible Brands - Lir Whiskey - Food & Drink Website Design, Content Creation
Horrible Brands - Lir Whiskey - Website Design
The Result

A brainstorming session was carried out with the client, and we came up with many possible straplines before settling on ‘Your Slice of Wimbledon’. Guest passes were individually created displaying the attendee’s name and company logo, this helped to personalise the pack. We followed up with a digital email campaign to Australia, South Africa and Europe attendees to keep them informed of valuable travel information.

Horrible Brands - Lir Whiskey - Website Design
Horrible Brands - Lir Whiskey - Food & Drink Website Design