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You worked hard to create a fantastic product, whether that is a kids snack or a refreshing new beverage. You have the marketing plan in place, and you’re ready to take the product to market…

But wait! It’s time to deal with product packaging. For too many companies, product packaging is treated like a last-minute thought. The reality is much different than that. Your product package design can have a significant impact on sales in the short term and for years to come. It can make or break the success of a product.

Read on to learn more about product packaging and how it can impact your product sales.

1. Product Packaging Extends Your Brand

When you use a well-thought strategy to create your product packaging, you are aligning your product with your brand. Brand consistency is incredibly important to consumers because it can add that attention to detail that will increase revenue for your business. This is where hiring a branding and design expert can be incredibly helpful. They can help you bring out the core values of your brand, align it with your audience, and design a package that drives sales.

2. People Buy Based on Labels

It’s a fact that the majority of people buy wine according to the label. People love to think that they know about wine and the area it comes from, but in reality, not many are true connoisseurs. When you go to purchase a bottle, you’re faced with shelves full of different wines. You know that you like red or white. You look at the dozens of bottles and see one that looks like it’ll be good. That decision is usually based on the label and the bottle.

This process happens with more products than you would expect. It happens with toiletries. It happens with clothing and food, too. The lesson for you is to create a package that is not only aligned with your brand but one that will stand out from all the other products fighting for your attention.

3. Product Design is a major part of the Customer Experience

Please think like your customer for a moment. You order a product online, and you’re thrilled to receive it. You wait patiently for a few days and, the box finally arrives on your doorstep. You open the box to see a product in a poorly designed box that’s hard to open. That excitement and anticipation you had about the product have gone.

Product packaging is a critical part of the customer experience. You want to create a product that customers love to open and unwrap like a special gift. The product packaging needs to maintain the excitement that the customer had when they first ordered the product. That’s an essential step in creating a customer for life and ensuring repeat orders.

4. Product Packaging Matters

Do you want your product to be purchased, or do you want it to sit on the shelf? Of course, you want people to buy it!

The problem is that your product sits on the shelf with dozens of other products. That’s why product packaging matters. You can use colours, shape and texture to make your product stand out and be more of an attractive choice for your customers.

5. Hiring a professional package designer

You will need to gain valuable strategic insights and research the competitive landscape to create a product package that expresses what your product and brand are about. This is where I can help.

Kris Byers

I help small businesses create big brand identities that are loved by their customers and envied by their competitors. Fast.