Book Your VIP Design Day…

The VIP Design Day is only available for existing clients who don’t require a full rebrand.

Why is this for past clients only?

In order to manage expectations, I am only offering VIP Days to people I have worked with in the past. This is because I understand your brand style, the way you work and can manage expectations easier. A single day would not be sufficient to get up to speed, build trust, and produce work that would be of any use to new clients.

If you already have your branding, messaging, and website figured out but would like some additional work, amendments, or promotional items created, you can book a VIP day with me. As much as possible will be done in this full day, so you leave with all your website updates, social media posts, marketing collateral and any other design requirements complete.

To make the most of our time together, please prepare all materials and have clear instructions ready before we meet. Please fill in the form on the calendar and we can decide on what is possible to achieve within a full day of my time. You can also send content via WeTransfer to

Let’s schedule a day on the calendar that works for you…